Medieval Projects

Most of my own videos are presented on the youtube channel Medievallounge. Please just click on the link to get access to a bundle of medieval tunes to enjoy!

Hameln anno 1284

Hameln anno 1284, en francais:

Carmina Burana Today

Candens Lilium

Various Ensembles


Sequentia, highly acclaimed ensemble for medieval music since 1977 is directed by Benjamin Bagby. Norbert Rodenkirchen is member of the ensemble since 1996. Here I will present some videos of our long work together. Video 1 shows Ben and me in Jaroslaw, Poland, performing  Otfrid von Weißenburg´s "Thes habet er ubar worltring" from our program Endzeitfragmente and now also featured in the new program "Hus in himile!"


Internationally renowned Ensemble Dialogos in Paris is directed by Katarina Livljanic. Norbert Rodenkirchen is the ensemble´s flute player in many projects since 2005. Here you´ll find some video documentations of concerts and music theatre productions. Video 1 shows a summary of Marulic´s eops "Judith" filmed in St Donat, Zadar for a DVD/CD at Alpha records.