CD´s and DVD´s

Most of the listed CDs are still available as physical copies. If you are interested please write to Norbert Rodenkirchen´s bureau (just click on the contact button)!


New CD, released on November 15th in 2021. Candens Lilium with Sabine Lutzenberger, Albrecht Maurer, Philipp Lamprecht and me invited Les Haulz et les Bas with Gesine Bänfer, Hanna Geisel and Ian Harrison to create this fascinating new approach to the medieval Carmina Burana together. The repertoire is - except for a Bamberg Hoquetus - all for the original manuscript and our versions are based on Norbert Rodenkirchen´s own transcriptions and reconstructions. For any order please just write to "Contact", or via bandcamp! The CD will be available in shops or here, it will also be streamable on Spotify etc. and last but not least on Bandcamp, which develops to the best musician friendly online platform.

The physical CD comes as a nicely designed Digipack - using pictures of some old Etruscian stones, photographed by our friend, the jazzdrummer Christoph Hillmann - with some additional info inside. Translations of the song lyrics in German are presented here as an extra PDF plus the liner notes and the sources in German as well. For English you also find just the liner notes here as a separate PDF.

Friendly supported by Kunststiftung NRW.

Booklet Text in English
Carmina Burana Today Booklettext in Engl
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Booklet, Quellen und Kontrafakturen, Übersetzungen in dt.
Carmina Burana Today CD Booklettext, Que
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Norbert Rodenkirchen Solo


Live Album: Hameln anno 1284, live

only on Bandcamp, 2021


Studio Album: Hameln anno 1284 - Medieval Flute Music, On the Trail of the Pied Piper / note1, Christophorus 2012


Medieval Echoes / nemu records 2020

Tibia ex tempore - Medieval Sketches / marc aurel edition, RAUMKLANG 2001

Flour de Flours - Lais & Virelais of Guillaume de Machaut / marc aurel edition, RAUMKLANG 2008

Duo Sabine Lutzenberger & Norbert Rodenkirchen

In vergessenen Tönen Die Sangsprüche Meister Frauenlobs - with Sabine Lutzenberger & Norbert Rodenkirchen as a duo / marc aurel edition 2014 (In Forgotten Tones) // in July 2021 available first time online on Bandcamp, where you can stream audio, or purchase downloads and order physical CDs. This CD doesn´t appear on Spotify, Youtubemusic etc.. It´s only online presence is on Bandcamp! You may also order "In vergessenen Toenen" directly through Norbert Rodenkirchen`s contact page below.

Virgo Sancta Caecilia - Antiphonar der Anna Hachenberch (music from the museum Schnuetgen´s collection, sung and played by Candens Lilium, transcribed and directed by Norbert Rodenkirchen, recorded in the original venue where the music was originally sung). / marc aurel edition 2010


CDs with participation of Norbert Rodenkirchen: 

Aquitania / Sony

Hildegard von Bingen, Ordo Virtutum / Sony

Edda, The Curse of the Rhinegold / marc aurel edition

Lost Songs of a Rhineland Harper / Sony

Endzeit Fragmente / Raumklang

Hildegard von Bingen, Celestial Hierarchies / Sony

Boethius, Songs of Consolation


CDs / DVDs / CD with participation of Norbert Rodenkirchen:

Judith / DVD Alpha, Outhere 2010

Barlaam & Josafat / interactive CD, Arcana, Outhere 2017

Maurer & Rodenkirchen

Hidden Fresco / nemu records 2005

Loplop´s Call / nemu records 2012

Robbie Lee, James Ilgenfritz, Norbert Rodenkirchen

Opalescence  (experimental trio, recorded in Brooklyn)/  Telegraph Harp 2018

Scott Fields Ensemble

Ozzo / Cleanfeed Records

Seven Deserts / American Records, 2020