upcoming Concerts by Norbert Rodenkirchen:

photo: Jolie Kosovske
photo: Jolie Kosovske

17.06.2021 ON Buero fuer Neue Musik

Palaeosounds & Beuysfelder, music for Swanboneflute plus Synthesizer, in a sounddialog with Lea Bertucci, NY. Suppeorted by Musikfonds E.V. Neustart Kultur. 

25.06.2021 Hameln

Hameln anno 1284 / Medieval Flute Music / On the Trail of the Pied Piper, finally live in Hameln, where it all happened many hundreds of years ago.


Concert dates to follow as soon as the concert venues reopen after the lockdown. Please stay inspired and in good mood!


17.4.2021 CANCELLED

Ensemble Dialogos "Judith",

Chiesa Evangelica Luterana, Trieste , Italy


20.4.2021 CONFIRMED

Ensemble Dialogos "Judith",

Hrvatski Dom Split – concert hall, Split, Croatie


21.4.2021 CONFIRMED

Ensemble Dialogos "Judith",

Kulturni centar Gozdenica

Novalja, Croatie


1. & 3.5.2021 CONFIRMED

Scivias Musikfestival,

Open air

with Gesine Bänfer, Ian Harrison, Philipp Lamprecht.

12.6.2020 CANCELLED

Potsdam Sanssoucci with Candens Lilium


29.05.2021 Hameln anno 1284 – Mittelalterliche Flötenmusik auf den Spuren des Rattenfängers Greifenberger Werkstattkonzerte Livestream:


06.06.2021 Bräute des Windes – Frauen im Surrealismus, Klangperformance von Lyrik Sound & Co - Bettina Marugg, Albrecht Maurer, Norbert Rodenkirchen - im Theater im Ballsaal, Bonn (verschoben von 2020):

17.06.2021 Palaeosounds & Beuysfelder Neue Musk mit Lea Bertucci/ Norbert Rodenkirchen


18.06.2021 Hameln anno 1284, Gesprächskonzert per Zoom, Buchhandlung Brockmann, Brühl (Spende an Kinderhilfswerk PLAN international)


25.6.2021 CONFIRMED

"Hameln anno 1284 - Medieval flute music, on the trail of the Pied Piper", opening night to the Pied Piper Day in Hameln, the live premiere of my program there, OPEN AIR (link will follow)


30.6.2020 CONFIRMED

zamus Early Music Festival with Sequentia "Hus in himile"



Utrecht Festival Oude Muziek

with Sequentia "Words of Power"


More infos about summer and autumn dates to follow soon, after the lockdown. Luckily many cancelled concerts are going to be postponend to later dates. Right now there are just too many daily changes to announce them here. Please be patient, inspired and in good mood!


Photo: Ute Dilger
Photo: Ute Dilger

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