His flutes shine like otherworldly beams of light.

Early Music America, Magazine Summer 2009


Since more than 30 years Norbert Rodenkirchen dedicates himself to the artistic dialogue between old and new sounds, between middle ages and today. Besides intensive regular work with internationally acclaimed ensembles like Sequentia and Dialogos as well as with his own medieval ensemble project Candens Lilium Norbert Rodenkirchen has created various medieval solo programs, most of which are also available on CD.  Here you can find a  bundle of the most recent projects which are all available for live performances. Please don´t hesitate to ask for more details (via the contact button)!

Photo: Ute Dilger
Photo: Ute Dilger

Hameln anno 1284

As a solo flautist Norbert Rodenkirchen is  mostly known for his program "Hameln anno 1284 / Medieval flute music - On the trails of the Pied Piper". In 2011 he had been commissioned by the WDR radio to create a live program about the historic background of the ratcatcher legend from the perspective of Early Music, by playing music of the late 13th century, notably Wizlaw of Ruegen and old slawic dance fragments, using flutes of that period. Soon after he recorded and released a well received CD for the label note1/Christophorus label and played the recital "Hameln anno 1284" ever since in many places around the world, from Vancouver to Paris, Cologne, Trieste, Munich and many more.  The city of Hameln had kindly asked to use the recorded tracks of that program for its successful UNESCO application. The absolute highlight was an invitation to play this solo program at the prestigious Boston Early Music Festival in 2015. In springtime 2022 Norbert Rodenkirchen released a live CD of this solo program, recorded at Konzertkirken in Copenhagen. In August 2022 Norbert Rodenkirchen played "Hameln anno 1284" at the 19th Early Music Festival in Ukraine, the first live festival with real audience since the Russian invasion, in Lviv. 


In Europe this program can be booked directly by contacting the artist´s bureau, see "contact". For USA and Canada please contact the agency Seth Cooper Arts, see link below. Concerts with that program in the USA are concretely planned for mid October 2023. It is still possible to book some dates.

Medieval Echoes

Contemplative flute music of the Middle Ages

This colorful live program was premiered by Early Music Vancouver in June 2018. It is very well suited for churches. 

The CD "Medieval Echoes" at nemu records can be ordered here or on bandcamp.

Carmina Burana Today

Ensemble project for 6 musicians:

Carmina Burana Today

Candens Lilium 

Artistic direction (transcriptions, reconstructions, arrangements): Norbert Rodenkirchen


A completely new and fresh approach to the medieval Carmina Burana (no Orff involved) with Sabine Lutzenberger, Ian Harrison, Hanna Geisel, Philipp Lamprecht, Albrecht Maurer and Norbert Rodenkirchen (with shawms, bagpipes, drums, flutes, harp, fiddle, rebec, flutes and voices). Live this year 2023 at the prestigious Utrecht Oude Musziek Festival!

Tibia ex tempore - Medieval Flute Meditations