Norbert Rodenkirchen

Photo: Sonja Werner
Photo: Sonja Werner

Flute player (FROM boneflute to Baroque traverso), composer, improviser

The fascinating similarities and differences between medieval and modern sounds are the main focus of Norbert Rodenkirchen, Cologne based flautist of the internationally active early music ensembles Sequentia, Dialogos and Candens Lilium. He is also known for flute solo programs, reimagining the lost art of medieval instrumental improvisation. His most popular programs are:

"Hameln anno 1284 / Medieval Flute Music - On the Trails Of The Pied Piper" (medieval flute solo + recitation) - now also available in French language - and "Carmina Burana Today"  with own transcriptions of the original medieval Carmina Burana (for 6 musicians, a project of the ensemble Candens Lilium). New in 2024 are "The Canterbury Tales" with actor Thomas Gimbel reciting and playing Chaucer´s tales (in German) paralleled by fiddle/flute/harp playing instrumental adaptions of medieval music from England. 

Besides flute work in the field of early music Norbert Rodenkirchen is also active as a sound researcher, composer, author and producer under the label "open early" (see below).

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is more than a program,

but a personal vision about new approaches to music


open ears for

new sounds in early music,

archaic sounds in new music,

openminded concepts beyond the standard format,

sharing forms of creativity and artistic development,

enabling diversity,

searching for a new collective identity within the community of creative independant musicians, locally and internationally.