medieval music

new CD release "Medieval Echoes"
Out now at Nemu Records: my new solo CD MEDIEVAL ECHOES with meditative flute music from ancient and modern times, played on various historical transverse flutes. The CD features Rodenkirchen´s unique archaic flute style with a suite of rare medieval tunes, paired with a set of his own modern compositions and improvisations and selected Eastern monodies.
O quam mirabilis est, Hildegard von Bingen This nice little Sequentia track here – although slightly wrongly announced by the SONY youtube channel - has been a live changing experience for me 21 years ago. Yanet Youngdahl sings the antiphon and Norbert Rodenkirchen plays flute, so it is a duo. During her last active year our beloved codirector Barbara Thornton had worked with the outstanding soprano Janet Youngdahl and me on a brandnew concept of accompaniment for music of Hildegard von...