new CD release "Medieval Echoes"
Out now at Nemu Records: my new solo CD MEDIEVAL ECHOES with meditative flute music from ancient and modern times, played on various historical transverse flutes. The CD features Rodenkirchen´s unique archaic flute style with a suite of rare medieval tunes, paired with a set of his own modern compositions and improvisations and selected Eastern monodies.
O quam mirabilis est, Hildegard von Bingen This nice little Sequentia track here – although slightly wrongly announced by the SONY youtube channel - has been a live changing experience for me 21 years ago. Yanet Youngdahl sings the antiphon and Norbert Rodenkirchen plays flute, so it is a duo. During her last active year our beloved codirector Barbara Thornton had worked with the outstanding soprano Janet Youngdahl and me on a brandnew concept of accompaniment for music of Hildegard von...
Medival flute / lost tracks What to do with the lost tracks which never made it to a CD not because they were not good enough but because of completely other reasons? Should they remain unheard? Some of these pearls are lying in the crypta of my personal sound archive and I hope to bring out one or two from time to time to upload them for free on soundcloud and youtube. Enjoy, it is just for you!
On Nov 11th 2018 Candens Lilium (Sabine Lutzenberger, Albrecht Maurer & me) performed together with the ensemble Les Haulz et les Bas (Gesine Baenfer, Hanna Geisel, Ian Harrison) at the prestigious early music festival WDR Tage der alten Musik, Herne. A short video is attached (video artist: Sirpa Wilner). The program presents the original medieval versions of songs from the Carmina Burana, transcribed by Norbert Rodenkirchen as well as the 7 instrumental Bamberg Hoqueti from the same time.
Candens Lilium, – übersetzt: die hell strahlende Lilie - ist ein Kölner Ensemble, welches aus der langjährigen Arbeit Norbert Rodenkirchens als künstlerischer Leiter der Schnütgen Konzerte 2003-2011 hervorging und sich ursprünglich mit der mittelalterlichen Musik des Rheinlands befasste. Aus dieser Arbeit heraus entstand auch eine mit dem WDR produzierte CD Veröffentlichung: "Virgo Sancta Caecilia – Das Antiphonar der Anna Hachenberch", ein wunderschönes spätgregorianisches...
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