His flutes shine like otherworldly beams of light.

Early Music America, summer 2009


Since 30 years Norbert Rodenkirchen dedicates himself to the artistic dialogue between old and new sounds, between middle ages and today. On the one hand he is well in demand as a soloist on historic transverse flute as well as a subtle accompagnist in the scene of historically informed performance practice. On the other hand he is very active as a composer and improviser of an experimental archaic music in the new music scene of Cologne. Norbert Rodenkirchen also composes music for TV documentaries and for the theatre regularily. He teaches medieval improvisation in workshops and regular coaching sessions at various music academies, in 2018 f.e. at The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.


Besides intensive regular work with internationally acclaimed ensembles like Sequentia and Dialogos as well as with his own medieval ensemble project Candens Lilium Norbert Rodenkirchen has created various medieval solo programs, most of which are also available on CD:


Tibia ex tempore - Medieval flute meditations (CD on marc aurel edition / Raumklang) 2001), new version 2016


Hameln Anno 1284 -  Medieval flute music on the trail of the Pied Piper (CD Christophorus / note1 2012) 


new, premiered by Early Music Vancouver in June 2018:

Medieval Echoes -  Contemplative flute music from Notker Balbulus to Guillaume de Machaut


Norbert Rodenkirchen immersed deeply into the world of the Middle Ages. The music unfolds an almost bewitching spell.
Fono Forum, August 2012

Photo: Ute Dilger
Photo: Ute Dilger